Our most recent survey indicates that the challenge for the future Japanese luxury market is adaptation—to the needs of new customer segments and to the rising digital demands of the traditional customer base.


Building a culture that embraces the customer’s point of view

At Deutsche Bank, technology isn’t the point of digitization; the customer is.


McKinsey Minute: Going omnichannel to win in digital

Omnichannel—stores + digital = a transformative business model with better profit potential—in three simple steps.


Marketing Analytics: It works, so why aren't more companies using it?

A new McKinsey metric demonstrates how much marketing analytics improves marketing ROI—and profits.

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Sassy woman or machine? Tech giants divided over digital assistants


As AI evolves, the nuance of personality becomes a larger issue.

Use Storytelling to Explain Your Company’s Purpose

Harvard Business Review

Link mission to motivations, and then connect that through stories to the people you want to persuade.

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