To provide a distinctive experience for customers, an organization must unite around the goal of meeting their true needs. Done well, the effort can power a vast amount of innovation.


South Africa's cautious consumer

Given the country’s challenging economic environment, how can consumer-goods companies and retailers succeed in South Africa?


Meet the new Brazilian consumer

Amid one of the country’s most severe recessions, how can consumer-goods companies and retailers succeed in Brazil?


Where the big changes are happening in sales and what they mean

Sales leaders who consistently outperform their peers do so through agile adaptation to the customer-centric digital marketplace.

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Why Technologists Should Think Like Biologists

Harvard Business Review

Learn, use evolutionary thinking, and focus on small pieces.

Marketer Confidence Stable, Spending To Rise


Despite broader pessimism in market, more than half of marketers believe their business' revenues will grow over the next few years.

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