Cost savings, customer satisfaction, and sales make social care a good investment.


Applying design thinking across the business: An interview with Citrix’s Catherine Courage

Catherine Courage champions user-centered design—not only for the benefit of the software company’s customers but also for its employees.


Three ways you can sell more to existing accounts

In times of slow growth, looking for new customers isn’t always the most profitable course. Sometimes it pays to “go hunting on the farm.”


Three myths about growth in consumer packaged goods

We expect the sector to grow strongly. The key for companies is to sell the right products in the right markets at the right times.

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How to keep service consistency in a multi-channel world

Information Age

Good overview highlighting key ideas for consistent onmichannel customer service.

Forbes CMO Interview: Hyatt CMO Maryam Banikarim


Bringing an "outsider's" perspective to help transform a company.

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