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Consumer & Shopper Insights

Despite lackluster results in the Brazilian economy over the past decade, McKinsey analysis sees the country poised for significant near-term and long-term improvement.


Digital inside: Get wired for the ultimate luxury experience

This year’s Altagamma-McKinsey Digital Luxury Experience analysis of the omnichannel decision journeys of +/– 7,000 luxury shoppers across eight geographies, four product categories, and three pricepoints.


McKinsey Minute: Why retailers need to merge online and offline shopping

Despite the power of digital, most transactions will still happen in stores for the foreseeable future.


The big data trinity: Creating an analytics system to support a learning culture

For companies to build up their “test and learn” capabilities, they need to create a 3D-360° understanding of the customer, a plan for building insight models, and a self-learning ecosystem that scales.


Cracking the digital-shopper genome

Companies finally now have the tools to “crack the code” of digital shopping behavior.


Three myths about growth in consumer packaged goods

We expect the sector to grow strongly. The key for companies is to sell the right products in the right markets at the right times.


A perfect storm brewing in the global beer business

For decades, the thirst for beer seemed unquenchable. Now that consumption has stalled manufacturers must come up with new strategies for growth.