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Customer Engagement

Companies that know how and when to use the wide array of research tools available today have a big competitive advantage in generating insights that lead to new organic growth.


Black Friday shopping report: Consumer habits are changing fast

A new survey suggests stores will have to offer more than just discounts to make Black Friday successful this year. Savvy retailers will provide their customers with a more attractive shopping experience.


Why your company needs a chief customer officer (CCO)

Savvy leaders know that customer-centricity is a fulltime job.


Messaging apps are changing how companies talk with customers

Online business powered by natural-language technologies is the new terrain in the competition for today’s tech-savvy consumers. Here’s how the pioneers in the field are gaining ground.


The four pillars of distinctive customer journeys

New research reveals that focus, simplicity, ‘digital first,’ and perceptions matter most.


Is cybersecurity incompatible with digital convenience?

Not for successful companies, who tailor the digital experience to provide easy authentication while still valuing customer security. Here’s how they do it.


Are you really listening to what your customers are saying?

Too many companies squander the treasure that is customer feedback. The solution is creating a culture of continuous feedback.