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Marketing & Brand Strategy

To circumvent dominant social networks and reach mobile customers directly, brand marketers need to build networks of their own. Here are five steps to doing it right.


NOW NEW NEXT: How growth champions create new value

To generate new organic growth for both the short and long term, businesses need to act along three horizons.


Transforming pharma commercial models in the age of the digital citizen

Leading companies are updating their commercial models in five ways to meet new expectations along the patient's decision journey.


Don't sell, solve problems

Solution selling can significantly increase margins and share of wallet. Here’s how it’s done.


An incumbent’s guide to digital disruption

Incumbents needn’t be victims of disruption if they recognize the crucial thresholds in their lifecycle and act in time.


Five priorities for competing in an era of digital globalization

As digital flows command a growing share of trade and economic growth, executives must answer new questions.


The economic essentials of digital strategy: a supply-and-demand guide to digital disruption

How to ride the wave of digital transformation and not be pulled under by disruptors? Make a strategic return to fundamental market dynamics. Here’s a roadmap.