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Marketing Return on Investment

As the dynamics of the cement industry change, successful companies are creating value by focusing on their micromarkets. Here’s how they do it.


How telecom companies can win in the digital revolution

The wholesale transformation needed by digitally disrupted telecoms starts with full commitment and strong leadership at the top. Here are five effective steps to make it happen.


Discussions on digital: Measuring marketing’s impact

Silicon Valley leaders discuss the challenge on every marketer’s mind: how much to spend on digital marketing, and where to spend it.


The secret to great marketing analytics? Connecting with decision makers

Unlocking the profit potential of data analytics requires a design sensibility to develop solutions decision makers can understand and use. McKinsey research shows how successful companies do it.


Personalizing at scale

For the first time, marketers have the tools to deliver personalized marketing to millions of customers. Here’s how you can put them to work.


McKinsey Minute: Going omnichannel to win in digital

Omnichannel—stores + digital = a transformative business model with better profit potential—in three simple steps.


Marketing Analytics: It works, so why aren't more companies using it?

A new McKinsey metric demonstrates how much marketing analytics improves marketing ROI—and profits.