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In dynamic B2B markets, advanced analytics expertise is producing better pricing, more revenue growth, and improved margins.


Three steps to unlock growth with smarter pricing

Consumer goods companies can change the pricing conversation with retailers by thinking first of the consumer.


The pricing renaissance: New ways to reduce risk and unlock value

New opportunities to create more value from pricing without jeopardizing profits have emerged.


$200 billion and counting: How to separate profit from risk in times of plunging oil prices

Capturing all the potential value from oil price volatility depends on how companies manage and implement a new approach to pricing.


Turning pricing power into profit

Improved pricing capabilities can drive earnings growth. The key is meaningful data. Here’s how to get it.


Case study: Turning pricing complexity into a price advantage that boosts return on sales

How to price for maximal returns with minimal investment of time, effort, and resources.


An inside view: Turning pricing into long-term value

How one company successfully changed its culture to better use data for pricing—and profit.