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South Africa's cautious consumer

Given the country’s challenging economic environment, how can consumer-goods companies and retailers succeed in South Africa?


Nigeria’s renewal: Delivering inclusive growth

With the right reforms and investments, Nigeria could become one of the world’s leading economies by 2030.


Digital Divide: The impact of closing Africa’s Internet gap

Africa lags behind emerging Asian and South American markets in Internet-based GDP, but a focused strategy could yield massive social and economic gains.


Sub-Saharan Africa: A major potential revenue opportunity for digital payments

Sub-Saharan Africa offers tantalizing potential for mobile financial services, but as yet there have been few success stories. One hurdle has been the lack of clear numbers on the size of the opportunity.


Africa’s growing giant: Nigeria’s new retail economy

Consumer-facing industries have quietly grown into a significant economic force in Africa's most populous nation. In the coming years, retail sales will become an even bigger part of Nigeria's GDP.


Lions go digital: The Internet’s transformative potential in Africa

With its impact magnified in emerging countries, the Internet could contribute some $300 billion to Africa’s GDP by 2025.