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Meet the new Brazilian consumer

Amid one of the country’s most severe recessions, how can consumer-goods companies and retailers succeed in Brazil?


How to go small for big growth opportunities in Brazil’s consumer markets

Despite lackluster results in the Brazilian economy over the past decade, McKinsey analysis sees the country poised for significant near-term and long-term improvement.


How to be more beautiful in Brazil

Brazil’s beauty and personal care products market remains vibrant, but competition is getting more intense and the channel landscape is evolving rapidly.


Mapping the mindset of Brazil’s not-so-new middle class consumers

After a decade of rampant spending, the middle class has matured. Will they continue spending?


Brazil’s path to inclusive growth

Having successfully lifted millions out of extreme poverty, Brazil must now deliver on the promise of a middle-class life.


How long will live TV live? New formats and traditional viewing in Brazil

Although live TV still represents the most significant part of the Brazilian video diet, it does not represent the majority anymore.