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Saving, scrimping, and . . . splurging? New insights into consumer behavior

Our global survey of more than 22,000 consumers highlights recent shifts in buying behaviors that have important implications for retailers and packaged-goods companies alike.


Seizing the CPG opportunity in China: Online and out ahead

McKinsey research shows the potential for explosive growth through e-commerce for Chinese companies that can navigate the changing terrain of customer and channel management.


Changing times, shifting targets: Brands pivot to capture new sources of growth

Our most recent survey indicates that the challenge for the future Japanese luxury market is adaptation—to the needs of new customer segments and to the rising digital demands of the traditional customer base.


Five keys to connecting with China’s wired consumers

To succeed in China, the world’s largest and most dynamic e-commerce market, companies must understand and navigate its unique digital landscape.


China’s rising Internet wave: Wired companies

Internet adoption by Chinese companies will give the economy a new burst of momentum and change the nature of growth.