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Building a culture that embraces the customer’s point of view

At Deutsche Bank, technology isn’t the point of digitization; the customer is.


The brand is back: Staying relevant in an accelerating age

Since the recession, strong brands have become more valuable.


Global Digital Diaries, Part 3: Anatomy of a consumer decision journey

No two journeys are exactly like. Some consumers spend the most time on the purchase experience; others emphasize evaluation; and no one will behave exactly the same for every product.


Infographic: Anatomy of a smartphone purchase

85 people from around the world track the process of buying a smart phone. Here's what the journey looked like.


Global Digital Diaries: Buying a smartphone

We followed almost 100 consumers from eight markets (Brazil, Britain, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan and the US) as they went about buying a smart phone.


For German consumers, it’s all about the brand

German brand-based companies are doing better than ever—and this study shows what needs to be done to ensure that things remain this way. The key finding: It is not prices that are most important, but product safety, brand trust, and marketing effectiveness.