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Changing times, shifting targets: Brands pivot to capture new sources of growth

Our most recent survey indicates that the challenge for the future Japanese luxury market is adaptation—to the needs of new customer segments and to the rising digital demands of the traditional customer base.


Japan’s cautious luxury resurgence

For most luxury CEOs in Japan, the luxury market is not merely back – it is among the world’s healthiest.


McKinsey's Japan report: The Godzilla of luxury set for another strong year

Japan’s recent economic surge has lifted spending in the country's important luxury market, keeping Japan firmly on the map for global luxury.


Luxury goods in Japan: A 2013 preview

Over the past two decades, Japan’s much-sought-after luxury shoppers have altered the way they think and the way they shop. Most of them no longer buy something simply because everyone else has it.


Making sense of e-detailing in Japan's pharmaceutical sector

After much trial and error, pharmaceutical companies might be on the cusp of a promising new electronic sales strategy – and Japan is leading the way.


McKinsey interview with Dimitri Livadas: "E-detailing will be evolutionary"

McKinsey's Brian Salsberg talks to Dimitri Livadas, Eli Lilly Japan’s director for channel innovation.