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How long will live TV live? New formats and traditional viewing in Brazil

Although live TV still represents the most significant part of the Brazilian video diet, it does not represent the majority anymore.


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As the power of data and analytics profoundly alters the business landscape, companies once again may need more top-management muscle


Developing a fine-grained look at how digital consumers behave

Consumers are changing the ways they use digital platforms at lightning speed. To benefit, companies must take a refined look below the surface to understand who is doing what.


Video: Connecting media channels to get better ROI

Robert Tas, managing director and head of digital marketing at JP Morgan Chase, made investment decisions based on integrating paid, owned and earned media.


Presentation: Digital revolution: Six trends for the media industry

The digital revolution has shaken the publishing industry. A number of trends in particular will drive key developments.


Video: The new look of an agile organization

Alceo Rapagna, Chief Digital Officer of RCS MediaGroup, explains how the organization is trying to "replicate" the consumer decision journey and change the way they make decisions.