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Topic: B-to-B


Playing every hand better in the pricing game: How leading companies are harnessing data science to optimize pricing and boost returns by 2 to 7 percent

In dynamic B2B markets, advanced analytics expertise is producing better pricing, more revenue growth, and improved margins.


How B2B digital leaders drive five times more revenue growth than their peers

By focusing on the right digital practices, B2B companies—currently trailing B2C companies in digital transformation—can create long-term value. Here are six areas where digital leaders excel.


Maximizing marketing value through smarter procurement

New challenges for marketing are putting procurement skills more in demand.


Where the big changes are happening in sales and what they mean

Sales leaders who consistently outperform their peers do so through agile adaptation to the customer-centric digital marketplace.


Looking beyond technology to drive sales operations

New trends are forcing sales leaders to rethink how they sell. The right investment in sales operations can unlock sustainable growth.


An unexpected way to improve your sales pipeline conversions by 50 percent

Efficient time management is crucial for sales reps seeking to improve their conversion rates—and when it comes to time spent with customers, sometimes, “less is more.”