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Topic: Big data


Video: Raising your Digital Quotient

Companies with a high ‘digital quotient’ beat their peers. See what they do differently.


Marketing Analytics: It works, so why aren't more companies using it?

A new McKinsey metric demonstrates how much marketing analytics improves marketing ROI—and profits.


The big data trinity: Creating an analytics system to support a learning culture

For companies to build up their “test and learn” capabilities, they need to create a 3D-360° understanding of the customer, a plan for building insight models, and a self-learning ecosystem that scales.


Case study: Turning pricing complexity into a price advantage that boosts return on sales

How to price for maximal returns with minimal investment of time, effort, and resources.


How to get the most from big data

Organizations need specialists, or “translators,” who can analyze, distill, and clearly communicate information of the greatest potential value.


Winning the research revolution – Take two

The answer to gaining insights to make consumers happy is learning to fuse old techniques with new ones.