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Topic: Branding


The rise of the 'identity network': The brands' answer to mobile

To circumvent dominant social networks and reach mobile customers directly, brand marketers need to build networks of their own. Here are five steps to doing it right.


Brand success in an era of Digital Darwinism

Companies adept at using digital tools along the consumer decision journey are gaining a sizable lead over competitors.


The brand is back: Staying relevant in an accelerating age

Since the recession, strong brands have become more valuable.


Incumbents as attackers: Brand-driven innovation

Big companies are finding growth in new markets by harnessing an underused asset—their brands.


Creating value in fashion: How to make the dream come true

Perception and performance have led to a startling fact: The fashion and luxury sector is a market beater.


Why your marketing planning process is broken, and what to do about it

Marketers should take a closer look at what they can control . . . and what they can’t.