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Topic: CMO


Discussions on digital: The new world of marketing

A wide-ranging discussion among marketing leaders explores what marketing actually means, and doesn’t mean, in the digital era.


How CMOs and CROs can be allies

Advanced analytics and the need to engage customers are revealing ways that CMOs and Chief Risk Officers can work better together.


Wall Breakers: Building a CIO–CMO partnership

The CMO–CIO relationship is one of the most important ones in companies today. One CIO describes how he makes it work.


The CMO and COO: Partners on a customer journey

In a multichannel world, a great customer experience takes the combined efforts of the CMO and COO.


Marketing + Sales: The customer experience journey

Rising customer expectations calls for rising expectations about how marketing and sales work together.


CEO and CMO: A partnership for speed and agility

Executives from Clud Med, North America, explain how they work together to build a fast-paced organization.