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Topic: Customer decision journey


New insights for new growth: What it takes to understand your customers today

Companies that know how and when to use the wide array of research tools available today have a big competitive advantage in generating insights that lead to new organic growth.


Are you really listening to what your customers are saying?

Too many companies squander the treasure that is customer feedback. The solution is creating a culture of continuous feedback.


Putting behavioral psychology to work to improve the customer experience

By understanding the considerations that influence behavior, companies can design and manage service encounters to maximize customer satisfaction.


From touchpoints to journeys: The competitive edge in seeing the world through the customer’s eyes

To maximize customer satisfaction, companies have long emphasized touchpoints. But doing so can divert attention from the more important issue: the customer’s end-to-end journey.


Discussions on digital: Designing the next mobile experience

The future of mobile is constant connectivity. Digital leaders discuss what that means for businesses.


Customer experience: Creating value through transforming customer journeys

Successful companies are discovering that shifting focus to meet rising customer expectations leads to better revenues and lower costs.