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Topic: Emerging market consumers


Saving, scrimping, and . . . splurging? New insights into consumer behavior

Our global survey of more than 22,000 consumers highlights recent shifts in buying behaviors that have important implications for retailers and packaged-goods companies alike.


Sales Growth: Five Proven Strategies from the World's Sales Leaders (2nd edition)

Our book focuses on what’s on every leader’s agenda in today's turbulent business climate: growth.


How to go small for big growth opportunities in Brazil’s consumer markets

Despite lackluster results in the Brazilian economy over the past decade, McKinsey analysis sees the country poised for significant near-term and long-term improvement.


How to be more beautiful in Brazil

Brazil’s beauty and personal care products market remains vibrant, but competition is getting more intense and the channel landscape is evolving rapidly.


Mapping the mindset of Brazil’s not-so-new middle class consumers

After a decade of rampant spending, the middle class has matured. Will they continue spending?