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Topic: Mobile


The rise of the 'identity network': The brands' answer to mobile

To circumvent dominant social networks and reach mobile customers directly, brand marketers need to build networks of their own. Here are five steps to doing it right.


Messaging apps are changing how companies talk with customers

Online business powered by natural-language technologies is the new terrain in the competition for today’s tech-savvy consumers. Here’s how the pioneers in the field are gaining ground.


Where the big changes are happening in sales and what they mean

Sales leaders who consistently outperform their peers do so through agile adaptation to the customer-centric digital marketplace.


Discussions on digital: Designing the next mobile experience

The future of mobile is constant connectivity. Digital leaders discuss what that means for businesses.


The new world of sales growth

New insights from "Sales Growth, 2nd edition," reveal how top-performing sales organizations harness digital to drive growth, meet the new challenges of managing talent, and evolve with the future of sales.


Building a digital-banking business

Banks have been using digital technologies to help transform various areas of their business. There’s an even bigger opportunity—go all digital.