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Topic: Mobile


How some companies are using mobile to power growth

Mobile offers impressive opportunities for profit and growth—provided companies can overcome the three biggest hurdles in effective digitization.


Discussions on digital: Mobile–what's next?

The desktop isn’t dead, and neither is the store. Mobile marketing has to play better with other channels.


McKinsey Minute: The mobile shopper’s new decision journey

What do mobile shoppers look for? In the UK, low prices and fast load times trump rich content.


Mobile fortifies customer loyalty

Mobile is a thing of beauty when it comes to building customer loyalty for cosmetics brands.


Discussions on digital: Mobile, social, and new trends in consumer expectations

Has mobile already reached its tipping point, and what does that mean for business? Silicon Valley leaders share their thoughts in this podcast.


Learning from South Korea's mobile-retailing boom

As mobile retailing transforms this nation of 50,000,000 people, retailers around the world should be watching—and learning.