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Topic: Organization and talent


Making your marketing organization agile: A step-by-step guide

Everyone wants to be “agile” these days. Here’s how successful companies put together the teams and the capabilities to actually make it happen at scale.


Marrying science and business judgment to drive growth in consumer packaged goods

The most successful consumer goods companies know how to harness data sets and software.


Why your company needs a chief customer officer (CCO)

Savvy leaders know that customer-centricity is a fulltime job.


Maximizing marketing value through smarter procurement

New challenges for marketing are putting procurement skills more in demand.


The new tech talent you need to succeed in digital

Companies not only need new talent, but also new ways to recruit it.


What sales executives need to get right for digital success

To realize the full value potential of digital, successful sales organizations reorganize top to bottom, front end to back end.