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Topic: Sales


New insights for new growth: What it takes to understand your customers today

Companies that know how and when to use the wide array of research tools available today have a big competitive advantage in generating insights that lead to new organic growth.


Playing every hand better in the pricing game: How leading companies are harnessing data science to optimize pricing and boost returns by 2 to 7 percent

In dynamic B2B markets, advanced analytics expertise is producing better pricing, more revenue growth, and improved margins.


The 7 biggest trends upending sales today

Sales growth relies on thinking about what’s coming in technology, regulations, demographics, and economics.


How B2B digital leaders drive five times more revenue growth than their peers

By focusing on the right digital practices, B2B companies—currently trailing B2C companies in digital transformation—can create long-term value. Here are six areas where digital leaders excel.


Let’s talk about sales growth

High-growth companies have differentiated themselves in sales through analytics, big data, and a focus on the changing technology landscape.


What sales executives need to get right for digital success

To realize the full value potential of digital, successful sales organizations reorganize top to bottom, front end to back end.