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Topic: Trends


Black Friday shopping report: Consumer habits are changing fast

A new survey suggests stores will have to offer more than just discounts to make Black Friday successful this year. Savvy retailers will provide their customers with a more attractive shopping experience.


The 7 biggest trends upending sales today

Sales growth relies on thinking about what’s coming in technology, regulations, demographics, and economics.


Messaging apps are changing how companies talk with customers

Online business powered by natural-language technologies is the new terrain in the competition for today’s tech-savvy consumers. Here’s how the pioneers in the field are gaining ground.


Investing ahead of demand: Two ways sales leaders shine

Anticipating demand requires planning farther in advance than many sales organizations are used to. But the potential rewards are worth it.


Meet today’s American consumer

McKinsey’s latest research shows US consumers feeling less economic pressure than at any time since 2008—but still cautious about spending.


South Africa's cautious consumer

Given the country’s challenging economic environment, how can consumer-goods companies and retailers succeed in South Africa?