Best 223 Prairie Dog Bullet

The best 223 Prairie Dog bullet is the Hornady V-Max. The V-Max offers superior accuracy and performance due to its polymer tip, which helps it fly straighter and stay on target longer than other bullets. It also has a great BC (ballistic coefficient) for long range shooting.

Additionally, the V-max features a copper jacket that ensures consistent expansion for reliable terminal performance out of any rifle barrel twist rate. Its flat trajectory allows shooters to easily hit targets at distances up to 400 yards with ease. All in all, the Hornady V-Max is an excellent choice for targeting prairie dogs or varmints from short to medium ranges thanks to its superior accuracy, reliability, and consistent terminal ballistics.

Mead Industries 223 Remington Dog Gone Ammunition 4 Minute Ammo Review with Prairie Dog Hunt

If you’re a prairie dog hunter, then you know that having the best ammunition is essential for success. The .223 Remington cartridge has become one of the most popular cartridges for prairie dogs due to its accuracy, affordability and terminal performance on small game. One of the best .223 bullets for prairie dogs is the Hornady V-Max bullet.

The V-Max bullet from Hornady was designed specifically with varmint hunting in mind. It features a sleek polymer tip that helps it fly through the air more efficiently than traditional lead core bullets. This results in higher velocities and flatter trajectories at range which are both important when shooting small targets like prairie dogs.

Additionally, this bullet also features an electrochemically bonded jacket which helps reduce fragmentation upon impact while still providing enough expansion to knock down smaller game like rabbits or squirrels as well as larger animals such as deer or elk if needed. When it comes to terminal performance on varmints, few bullets can match what the Hornady V-Max can do.

Prairie Dog Pet

If you’re looking for a unique, adventurous pet, then look no further than prairie dogs! These small burrowing rodents are native to the plains of North America and make wonderful companions. Not only are they cute and cuddly, but they also have some distinct advantages over other animals as pets.

Here’s what you need to know about prairie dog ownership: Prairie Dogs Are Social Creatures Prairie dogs are social creatures that love company.

They form strong bonds with their owners and can even recognize people’s faces! When kept in captivity, it is essential to provide your prairie dog with plenty of stimulation by playing with them regularly or having other friendly animals around. They Require Special Care

Though adorable, owning a prairie dog comes with certain responsibilities. Since these animals come from the wild, they require special care when kept in captivity such as regular vet check-ups and proper dieting habits. Additionally, since Prairie Dogs dig tunnels underground for shelter (which requires lots of space), enclosures should be large enough so that your furry friend can move around freely without feeling confined or stressed out.

They Live Long Lives

Best 223 Prairie Dog Bullet


What is the Best Prairie Dog Bullet?

When it comes to choosing the best bullet for a prairie dog, there are several factors that should be taken into account. From size and weight to velocity and accuracy, all of these details need to be considered before making your final decision. The good news is that there are plenty of great options available so you can find the perfect bullet type for your needs.

For starters, most shooters agree that a small caliber rifle is the ideal choice when hunting prairie dogs. This means you’ll likely want to look at bullets in .17 or .22 caliber sizes. Many hunters prefer using lighter-weight bullets since they tend to travel more quickly and provide more accuracy while still packing enough punch to take down a small animal like the prairie dog.

In terms of bullet types, some popular choices include hollow point or soft point configurations as well as full metal jacket (FMJ) bullets which offer greater penetration but less expansion capability on impact with their target. If you plan on shooting from longer distances then consider utilizing long range rounds such as Hornady’s V-Max® or Nosler Ballistic Tip® varieties which have been designed specifically for this purpose.

What is the Best Rifle for Prairie Dogs?

If you’re looking for the best rifle for taking on prairie dogs, look no further than the .22 LR. This lightweight and highly accurate round is a great choice for hunting small game like prairie dogs. The .22LR can provide an accurate and deadly shot at distances up to 100 yards, making it an ideal gun for long-range shooting.

The size of the projectile makes it suitable to use in areas with limited space due to its low recoil and minimal disturbance that comes with firing, making it popular among shooters who want to practice their accuracy without disturbing their neighbors or nearby wildlife. Additionally, since this round has been around since 1887, there are plenty of guns chambered in .22LR available on the market so finding one that fits your budget should be relatively easy. With all these features combined, owning a rifle chambered in .22 LR is definitely worth considering if you’re looking to hunt prairie dogs.

When shopping for your new gun keep in mind that rifles come in several different action types such as bolt-action or semi-automatic which will affect how quickly you can fire off shots at targets.


Are you looking for the best 223 prairie dog bullet? Look no further! This blog post will discuss why a .223 caliber round is ideal for taking down varmints, such as prairie dogs.

It will also review some of the best brands and models available on the market. We’ll go over what to look out for when choosing your own rifle ammunition, and provide useful tips on how to make sure that you get maximum accuracy with every shot. Finally, we’ll wrap up by giving our top pick for the best 223 prairie dog bullet: The Hornady V-MAX Superformance 55 gr ammo.

So if you’re ready to start shooting those pesky critters in your backyard, read on!

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