Best 70S Cartoon With Laughing Dog

The best 70s cartoon with a laughing dog is Scooby-Doo. It first aired in 1969 and was an instant hit, running until 1976. The show follows the adventures of four teenage friends and their talking Great Dane, Scooby-Doo, as they solve mysterious cases.

Each episode starts with a laugh from Scooby’s signature phrase “Ruh Roh!”, followed by him chasing after the villains while saying “Zoinks!” His lovable personality has made him one of the most recognizable cartoon characters in history. He also regularly comes up with clever solutions to help his human friends out of tricky situations.

To this day he remains one of the most beloved animated canine characters ever created!

Best Muttley Laughs

The 1970s have long been regarded as a golden age of cartoons, when studios like Hanna-Barbera, Filmation and Rankin/Bass were producing some of the most iconic animated shows ever made. One such classic is Laughing Dog, an incredibly popular cartoon that quickly became a fan favorite in the decade. Laughing Dog first aired in 1974 and featured the titular canine character who was always ready to laugh at just about any situation he encountered.

Every episode involved him getting into all sorts of mischievous trouble but ultimately finding his way out with help from his friends or by using his own wits. The show had plenty of slapstick comedy moments that kids loved, while also featuring educational tidbits sprinkled throughout. What makes Laughing Dog so memorable however is its catchy theme song which has become one of the most beloved tunes associated with 70’s cartoons.

Muttley Cartoon

Muttley is a beloved cartoon character that first appeared in Hanna-Barbera’s Wacky Races in 1968. He quickly became a fan favorite and went on to star in his own show, Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines, as well as other Hanna-Barbera cartoons such as The Perils of Penelope Pitstop and Yogi’s Treasure Hunt. Muttley is characterized by his distinctive laugh (or snicker) which he often does when something funny or bad happens to him or someone else.

His eyes are usually half closed giving him an innocent look; however this often hides the fact that he has some devious intentions! He also wears an aviator cap with goggles which gives off a vintage vibe from the era of World War I pilots. His voice was provided by legendary actor Don Messick who had voiced many other characters for Hanna-Barbera including Scooby Doo, Astro from The Jetsons, Dr Benton Quest from Jonny Quest, Papa Smurf from The Smurfs and more.

Smedley Cartoon Dog

If you’re looking for a furry friend with a big personality, look no further than Smedley Cartoon Dog! This lovable pup is an animated character created by cartoonist Frank Paton in the 1950s. He quickly became a beloved figure in television and film, appearing in various shows including “The Flintstones” and “Tom & Jerry.”

Smedley has white fur with black spots and wears a blue-and-white striped shirt to complete his signature look. His bright eyes are always filled with mischief, while his floppy ears perk up when he hears something interesting or funny. As one of the most popular cartoon dogs of all time, Smedley is known for his comedic antics as well as for being loyal and brave.

In addition to making regular appearances on TV shows, Smedley also starred in several movies throughout the years. In 1959, he appeared alongside other classic cartoon characters like Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck in “The Great Gildersleeve Movie.”

Muttley Dog Laugh Gif With Sound

If you’re looking for some comic relief, then look no further than the Muttley Dog Laugh Gif With Sound. This gif features a cartoon dog named Muttley who is seen laughing in an infectious and hilarious way. The sound of his laughter is also included, making it even more enjoyable to watch.

Muttley was originally created by Hanna-Barbera Productions in 1968 as the sidekick to Dick Dastardly on the show Wacky Races. He quickly became a fan favorite and has gone on to appear in various other animated series such as Scooby Doo, Yogi Bear, and many others. His signature laugh is one that will surely bring a smile to anyone’s face!

The Muttley Dog Laugh Gif With Sound can be found easily online with just a simple search. It can be used for all sorts of purposes; from adding comedic effect to your posts or presentations, to simply brightening someone’s day with its contagious cheerfulness! You can also share it with friends and family via social media or email so they too can enjoy this wonderful gif!

Muttley Laugh Meaning

The laugh of Muttley, the famous cartoon character from Hanna-Barbera’s Wacky Races and Dastardly & Muttley in Their Flying Machines, has become iconic over the years. It is a unique sound that captures our attention and brings us joy whenever we hear it. But what does this laughter mean?

Muttley’s laugh can be interpreted in several different ways. First, it could represent the humor found in his mischievous nature. He often causes trouble for Dick Dastardly, giving him plenty of reasons to chuckle along with us as viewers.

Additionally, Muttley’s laughter may signify his loyalty to Dick Dastardly despite all the chaos they create together; even when things don’t go their way, they still find something funny about it – which is why Muttley laughs even more than usual during these moments! In addition to its comedic value, some believe that Muttley’s laughter represents resilience and joy in spite of adversity. This interpretation suggests that no matter how tough life gets or how many obstacles one faces on their journey through life – there will always be something to make them smile and keep going forward with hope and optimism intact!

Muttley Cartoon Name

If you’re a fan of classic cartoons from the 70s and 80s, then you’ve certainly heard of Muttley. This lovable character has been around for decades, but he still manages to capture people’s hearts with his mischievous antics and silly expressions. Muttley first appeared in 1969 as part of Hanna-Barbera’s Wacky Races cartoon series.

He was created by legendary animator Iwao Takamoto, who based his design off of a Basset Hound that he owned at the time. His voice actor was Don Messick, who gave him an iconic laugh that would become synonymous with the character. In spite of being one of the show’s antagonists alongside Dick Dastardly (his master), viewers found themselves drawn to Muttley thanks to his endearing personality.

When Dick would fail in his schemes – which happened often – it was always Muttley who had to bear the brunt of it, yet he never seemed discouraged or angry about it; instead opting for a bemused expression that made us love him even more.

Black And White Cartoon Dog Characters

If you’re a fan of cartoon dogs, then you’ve probably noticed that many classic canine characters are black and white. From the iconic duo of Pluto and Goofy to more recent additions like Scooby-Doo, these beloved pooches have been around for generations—and they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon! So why are so many cartoon dog characters black and white?

There are several possible explanations. First, it could be an intentional artistic choice meant to evoke classic “cartoony” styles from the Golden Age of Animation. Black and white drawings were simpler than full-color images, which made them easier (and cheaper) to produce in large quantities during this era.

Additionally, viewers may associate black-and-white color schemes with traditional American animation—even if other color palettes were also used in some cartoons at the time. Another explanation is that using only two colors makes it easier for animators to create distinct silhouettes for their characters onscreen. This helps make them instantly recognizable even when viewed from afar or without any additional context clues about who or what they are supposed to represent—an important consideration when creating memorable characters!

Best 70S Cartoon With Laughing Dog


What 1970S Cartoon Dog Laughs?

The 1970s was a time of classic cartoons and one beloved cartoon dog stands out from the rest: Scooby Doo. This lovable Great Dane laughs in nearly every episode, providing comic relief to viewers of all ages. Scooby Doo made his debut in 1969 on Hanna-Barbera’s “Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!” and quickly became a fan favorite.

Not only did he provide comedic moments with his signature laugh, but he also solved mysteries alongside his friends Shaggy Rogers, Velma Dinkley, Freddy Jones, and Daphne Blake. Whenever Scooby had an interesting moment or encountered something strange during the mysteries they were solving together as the Mystery Inc., gang, he would express it through laughter which often came off as nervous or scared rather than joyful. The sound of this laugh is distinctively high pitched and sounds almost like a combination between a chortle and giggle – “heh heh” for short.

What is the Name of the Cartoon Dog That Laughs?

The cartoon dog that laughs is called Scooby-Doo! He has been a beloved character since his debut in the 1969 animated television series, Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!.

Scooby-Doo is an anthropomorphic Great Dane who is best friends with four teenage humans: Fred Jones, Daphne Blake, Velma Dinkley and Shaggy Rogers. Together they make up Mystery Inc., solving mysteries involving supernatural creatures and other criminals. Scooby-Doo’s laugh is one of his most recognizable characteristics.

It consists of a deep “huh?” followed by a higher pitched “RUH!” sound. His laughter often follows humorous moments in the show or when he feels scared or amazed at something going on around him. Since the original animated series aired in 1969, there have been numerous spinoffs featuring Scooby-Doo as well as feature films starring him and his gang from 2002 onwards.

The character remains popular to this day and continues to appear regularly in cartoons on television networks such as Cartoon Network and Boomerang.

What Cartoon Character Has a Wheezing Laugh?

If you’ve ever heard a laugh that sounds like someone has an asthmatic attack, then chances are you know what cartoon character has a wheezing laugh. That character is none other than the beloved and iconic Bugs Bunny from Warner Bros. Animation.

Bugs Bunny first appeared in 1940 and since then he’s become one of the most recognizable characters in animation history. His catchphrase “What’s up, doc?” And his signature carrot-munching antics have been adored by generations of fans around the world.

He also happens to be known for his signature wheezing laughs which usually follows after some sort of witty remark or clever prank pulled on Elmer Fudd or another antagonist in the classic Looney Tunes cartoons. The origin of Bugs’ unusual laugh can be traced back to voice actor Mel Blanc who provided all of the voices for many popular animated characters including Porky Pig, Sylvester The Cat, Tweety Bird and Daffy Duck among others. According to legend, Blanc was inspired by a real-life asthmatic patient he had once encountered at a hospital where he worked as an ambulance driver before becoming an actor in Hollywood.

What is the Evil Cartoon Dog That Laughs?

If you enjoy watching cartoons, chances are you’ve heard the evil laugh of a cartoon dog at some point in your life. This iconic canine is known as Muttley and is one of the most recognizable characters from Hanna-Barbera’s Wacky Races series. The character first appeared in 1968, and has since gone on to appear in various other cartoons, movies and video games over the years.

Muttley was created by animation director Iwao Takamoto for Wacky Races. He serves as a foil to Dick Dastardly – an incompetent villain who strives to win every race with his Mean Machine car (which is powered by laughter). Muttley accompanies Dastardly on all their misadventures; he often laughs at his master’s failed attempts to cheat or sabotage the competition.

His trademark cackle consists of two loud “ha ha”s followed by a staccato “hee hee” sound which has become instantly recognisable around the world.


If you’re looking for a classic 70s cartoon to bring some laughter into your life, then look no further than the Laughing Dog! First released in 1975 and produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions, this beloved show follows the adventures of an adventurous canine named Scrappy as he embarks on a series of hilarious escapades. Not only does Scrappy provide plenty of laughs with his antics, but viewers also get to experience his heartwarming loyalty and steadfast courage in each episode.

From battling robots to rescuing princesses from peril, no task is too daunting for our favorite pup! With its fun sense of humor and lovable characters, The Laughing Dog has been bringing joy to viewers since it first debuted over 40 years ago.

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