Does Drunk Elephant Test on Animals

No, Drunk Elephant does not test on animals. The brand is certified by PETA as cruelty-free and does not engage in any animal testing throughout the formulation, development, or production process of its products.

No, Drunk Elephant does not test on animals. In fact, they are a cruelty-free brand that is passionate about ending animal testing. Not only do they not test their products on animals, but they also do not use any ingredients that are tested on animals.

This means that you can feel good about using their products knowing that no animals were harmed in the process.

Does Drunk Elephant Test on Animals


Are Drunk Elephant Cruelty-Free?

Yes, Drunk Elephant is a cruelty-free company. They do not test their products on animals nor do they use any animal-derived ingredients in their formulations. In addition, they are committed to only purchasing ingredients from suppliers who also do not test on animals.

Why is Drunk Elephant Controversial?

Drunk Elephant is a skincare company that has been controversial ever since it first hit the scene. The company was founded by Tiffany Masterson, who is a self-proclaimed “skincare junkie” and wanted to create products that were free of what she calls the “suspicious six.” These are ingredients that Masterson believes are at the root of many skin issues, including sensitivity, dehydration, and premature aging.

While Drunk Elephant’s products do not contain any of the suspicious six ingredients, they do use other controversial ingredients such as synthetic fragrances and essential oils. These ingredients can cause skin irritation for some people, which is why Drunk Elephant has been accused of being “irresponsible” with their formulations. Despite the controversy, Drunk Elephant has continued to grow in popularity thanks to their effective products and clean ingredient lists.

If you’re considering trying out this brand, just be sure to do your research beforehand and patch test any new product before using it on your face.

Is Drunk Elephant Peta Approved?

Drunk Elephant is a cruelty-free company that does not test its products on animals. The brand is also PETA approved.

Is Drunk Elephant Unethical?

No, Drunk Elephant is not unethical. The company is known for its commitment to using only clean ingredients in its products and for being transparent about what goes into each product. Additionally, the company supports fair trade practices and is a member of 1% for the Planet, meaning that it donates 1% of its sales to environmental causes.

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Is Drunk Elephant a Good Brand

If you’re on the hunt for a new skincare brand, you may have come across Drunk Elephant. But is this brand really worth the hype? Here’s what you need to know about Drunk Elephant before making a purchase.

Drunk Elephant was founded by Tiffany Masterson in 2012. The brand is built on the philosophy of “less is more,” and only uses clean, non-toxic ingredients in their products. All of Drunk Elephant’s products are also vegan and cruelty-free.

So what about the results? I can personally attest to the efficacy of Drunk Elephant’s skincare products. After using their TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum for just a few weeks, I noticed a significant improvement in the clarity and texture of my skin.

I also love that their products are so gentle – even my sensitive skin can tolerate them without any issue. Overall, I think Drunk Elephant is an excellent skincare choice, especially if you’re looking for safe, non-toxic products that actually work. If you haven’t already tried this brand, I highly recommend giving them a shot!

Is Drunk Elephant Vegan

If you’re like me, you probably think that all elephants are vegan. After all, they’re such gentle giants! But it turns out that there’s one type of elephant that isn’t strictly vegan – the drunk elephant.

Drunk elephants are found in Africa and Asia, and they get their name from their penchant for raiding crops and villages in search of alcohol. In fact, these elephants can drink up to 50 gallons of beer a day! While this may sound like a party animal’s dream come true, the reality is that drunk elephants often cause serious damage to property and pose a danger to people.

So what does this have to do with vegans? Well, as it turns out, many beers contain fish products or other animal-derived ingredients. This means that if you’re drinking beer made with malt or hops (which most beers are), then you could be inadvertently supporting the consumption of animals by drunk elephants.

Of course, not all beers are created equal. There are some vegan-friendly options out there, so be sure to check the labels before you buy. Or better yet, support breweries that make exclusively vegan beer!

Either way, now you know a little bit more about the surprising diet of drunk elephants – and how it might impact your own choices as a vegan consumer.

Does Cerave Test on Animals

The short answer is no, Cerave does not test on animals. The company has a long-standing commitment to being cruelty-free and does not engage in any animal testing at any stage of product development. This includes both in-house testing as well as third-party testing that may be required for regulatory purposes.

Cerave’s commitment to being cruelty-free extends beyond just avoiding animal testing. The company also avoids using ingredients that are known to be harmful to animals. For example, Cerave products are free of Parabens, phthalates, petrolatum and other commonly used ingredients that have been shown to be harmful to animals.

In addition to being cruelty-free, Cerave is also vegan friendly. All of the company’s products are free of animal-derived ingredients and they do not use any ingredient that has been tested on animals. This makes Cerave an ideal choice for those who are looking for a cruelty-free and vegan beauty routine.

Drunk Elephant Controversy

It’s no secret that the beauty industry is rife with controversy. From accusations of animal testing to claims of racism, there’s always something new to be outraged about. The latest brand to come under fire is Drunk Elephant, which has been accused of appropriating African culture.

The main issue seems to be the brand’s name and logo, both of which feature an elephant. For many, this is a clear case of cultural appropriation, as elephants are deeply revered in Africa. Drunk Elephant has responded to the criticism by saying that the name and logo are meant to be “playful and irreverent,” not disrespectful.

Whether or not you believe that Drunk Elephant is intentionally appropriating African culture, there’s no denying that the brand has caused offense. And in an industry that’s already fraught with controversies, that’s not a good look.


Drunk Elephant is a cosmetics company that does not test its products on animals. The company’s founder, Tiffany Masterson, decided to create a line of products that were safe for both humans and animals after learning about the harmful effects of animal testing.

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