Rental Rates

General Information

  • Private or public events may not close the museum to the general public during advertised open hours.
  • The rates below do not apply to holidays. Holiday rentals may be available at significantly higher rates.
  • All renters must be museum members. A business membership is required for company events.
  • Rates are subject to change without notice. Rates in effect at the time of the reservation deposit apply.
  • A $565 non-refundable reservation deposit is due at the time of booking. This payment will be applied towards your final balance. The non-refundable reservation deposit for a Chapel Ceremony is $100.
  • A refundable cleaning/security deposit equal to or greater than the applicable reservation deposit is also required. The cleaning/security deposit will be determined based on the event and refunded in whole or in part based on the condition of the rental space at the end of the rental period.


Guest Count*

Minimum Cost

Time Allowed

Platinum Package
Bandstand & Green or Log Cabin Green

Package #1
Package #2
Package #3
Package #4




3 hours
6 hours
9 hours
12 hours

Gold Package
All other outdoor sites



Each 3 hours

Silver Package
Standard School or Fellows Hotel



Each 3 hours

Chapel Ceremony
(1 hour – ceremony only)



1 hour

Combination Packages
Chapel/Standard School
Chapel/Fellows Hotel
Chapel/Standard School & Green
Chapel/Neon Courtyard



Each 3 hours

Historic Chamber of Commerce Building



Each 3 hours

Black Gold: Hippodrome Theater



6 hours

*More guests can only be added to certain areas. The Chapel, Standard School, and Fellows Hotel are exceptions and only the number of guests included in the package will be permitted.

All packages include:

  • One year museum membership
  • 2 hour set up period
  • On-site event coordination
  • Guest book stand
  • Cake table (48-inch round)
  • Set up and removal of tables and chairs for the specified number of guests
  • Security guards and event staff
  • Photographic opportunities; engagement session and use of site during event
  • Access to the museum for planning purposes during regular business hours

The following a la carte prices will apply for additional guests where allowed or when additional time or service is needed:

  • $100 an hour for each hour over the initial package fee, including rehearsals
  • $1 per additional person over the initial package
  • Security guards (current rates) may be required when alcohol is served or event exceeds basic guest count

Optional Services:

  • Extra tables ($9) and chairs ($2) includes set up and removal
  • Linen service (black, white, or ivory)
  • Chair upgrade starting at $2.50/chair
  • Paris-style street lamps – $30/lamp
  • Iron easels – $10/easel • Shepherd hooks – $5
  • Historic lanterns (black, red, or blue) – $5/lantern
  • Arbor – $65
  • Additional electrical Service – $100 to $300
  • Event Clean up – $100 per 100 guests

Public Events

Events open to the general public are subject to a minimum charge of $5,000.00 or $5.00 per person per day, whichever is greater. Each event must be evaluated on an individual basis to determining actual fees required to support a successful event. This rate does not include services with outside contractors, or any of the a la carte items listed above.

Rates are subject to change without notice. Rates in effect at the time fees are paid will apply.

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